Stank You, Smelly Much! Downloads Inside!

First things first…a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who pledged for the 2017 DirtyNeedles / CJSW Funding Drive!!! Your support is proof that Calgarians need, want and will support Hip-hop radio in Calgary and back it up with their wallets!  We feel the love and are sending all that love back to you!

But let’s get to the real reason you’re likely here…the mixes!!  Please see  below for the download links and don’t forget to use the passwords attached to your physical copies to unlock the files.

NOTE: We’ve compressed the file in to a “.rar” format, to open this type of file there are several free programs that you can use.  We recommend Simply Rar for Mac OSx (Download) and 7-Zip for PC/Windows (Download).  If you have any issues with the download whatsoever, please contact us at info[at] or via twitter @dirtyneedles


The DN Posse