The Dose: Episode 07 – Gummi


In the latest episode of The Dose: A DirtyNeedles Podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking to one of our biggest influences, turned good homie, Gummi.   As part of The Groove, BeatMatrix and Two Towers this man has seen a lot in his career in Calgary as a radio host, DJ and promoter for over twenty years.  Never the type to bite his tongue, Gummi blessed us with a very candid interview, touching on his history, Calgary DJ crew beef, some great stories about artists he brought to town for shows, and what he’s up to these days.  What happened when he told Will.I.Am that the new BEP shit was wack? Who was the biggest diva he ever had to deal with? and most importantly…How did he get the name Gummi??? You gotta listen to find out.

Gummi also remembered a pretty interesting story about Meek Mill after we had finished recording so we added it to the end as a bonus…trust us, you’ll certainly wanna stick around for that.